Letter from J.J. Bohlander to R.M. West about Jewish Girls in Boarding Houses

Superintendent J.J. Bohlander wrote on behalf of the Calmenson family to the registrar Mr. West asking why the Calmensons were told that having Jews in a boarding house lowered its ranking at the University, after the two sisters were asked not to return the following year. Superintendent Bohlander’s letter not only recounted the events that happened, it underlined his belief that the University of Minnesota would treat all people fairly. It also provides evidence that the University ranked its boarding houses on the basis of the religion of its residents with a lower ranking created by housing young Jewish women.

CreatorJ.J. Bohlander, Supervisor Montevideo SchoolsSourcePresident’s filesRightsUniversity Archive, University of MinnesotaCoverageUniversity of MinnesotaTime Period1920s