“‘Internal’ Affair, Mr. President?” Editorial by Rabbi Aronson

Aronson wrote this editorial in response to a 1935 statement made by President Roosevelt on the subject of international affairs. Even in cases of religious discrimination, Roosevelt declined to “interfere in the domestic concerns of foreign governments,” but Rabbi Aronson argued that engagement with the persecutional policies and propaganda of other nations was unavoidable. The anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany was, in effect, a declaration of war against millions of United States citizens, and the presence of Hitlerite representatives like Hans Luther in American communities made the issue an unambiguously domestic affair.

CreatorRabbi David AronsonSource"'Internal' Affair, Mr. President?" American Jewish World, November 22, 1935, p. 8.Date22/11/1935RightsCourtesy of the American Jewish WorldTime Period1930s