“Council Asks Ouster of Nicholson, ‘U’ Dean”

The Minneapolis Star reported in January of 1937, a divided vote of the Minneapolis City Council to recommend to the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota that Dean of Student Affairs Edward E. Nicholson be removed from his position. The majority of Council members expressed concern about Nicholson’s role in organizing a dinner of members of the Grand Jury in Hennepin County before they took their offices. He was accused of attempting to influence them.

The Alderman of the City Council gave full-throated expression for their positions on Dean Nicholson’s suitability for his position. Some argued for his hard work on behalf of students, and a greater number were critical of his approach to students and their freedom of expression. The ensuing weeks created debates about Dean Nicholson on and off campus.

CreatorThe Minneapolis StarSource“Council Asks Ouster of Nicholson, ‘U’ Dean,” The Minneapolis Star, January 8, 1937, pp. 1-2.Date12/01/1937RightsCourtesy of the Star TribuneCoverageUniversity of MinnesotaTime Period1930s