Lotus D. Coffman Response to Warner Shippee Regarding Request for Conscientious Objection

Warner Shippee requested to be excused from mandatory ROTC drills, and to take physical education instead because he considered himself a conscientious objector. His requests first went to Dean Nicholson and then President Coffman. Others had been excused on those grounds. The request came in the midst of student protests over ROTC, which was resolved by the Board of Regents’ decision in June of 1935.

CreatorLotus D. CoffmanSourceUniversity of Minnesota Archives, DOS Box 12, President 1925-1935, December 13, 1933.RightsImage is available courtesy the University of Minnesota Archives. For additional information about the use or re-use of this image please contact the University of Minnesota Archives at www.lib.umn.edu/uarchives.CoverageUniversity of MinnesotaTime Period1930s