Ray Chase to Henry Veeder about his “Research” Institute and Promises Information

Henry Veeder (March 13, 1867-June 9, 1942), served as General Counsel of Swift and Company as well as St. Joseph Stock Yards of Missouri. Swift and Company was a major meatpacking company in the midwest. The meatpacking industry in general, and the Swift, Armour and Company in particular, was in constant conflict with its workers and their efforts to unionize.
Chase explains to Veeder that he will continue to secure information of the type that would be valuable to the   industries Veeder worked for.
Chase notes that he conducted “research” in Washington DC, for the Republican National Committee, and for business, all focused on “our radical friends.”
Chase both suggests that he can make more money in the business of information, and notes that he offers his services without charge. He is clearly supported by those in business and elsewhere who want information made widely available to politicians, businesses, and other groups who share Chase’s political views

CreatorRay P. ChaseSourceMinnesota Historical Society, RPC, Box 40, Folder 1936.RightsMinnesota Historical SocietyTime Period1930s