“Dean Ford Ends Housing Ban”

William R. Simms triumphantly reports on Dean Guy Stanton Ford’s decision to allow integrated student housing on the University of Minnesota campus in the Minneapolis Spokesman, which covered the struggle for integration from its founding in 1934. Simms quotes at length from the Minnesota Daily‘s coverage of the issue, whose editor, Jay Richter, published an editorial criticizing the administration for its policies of segregation. Simms also acknowledges the importance of other campus figures who contributed to the new policy, including noting the importance of Charlotte Crump’s “This Free North” story that appeared in the campus literary magazine.

CreatorWilliam R. SimmsSource“Dean Ford Ends Housing Ban,” Minneapolis Spokesman, February 4, 1937.Date04/02/1937RightsCourtesy of the Minneapolis SpokesmanCoverageUniversity of MinnesotaTime Period1930s