Propaganda Denied Place in Post Office Boxes by Senate

The Minnesota Daily announced the decisions of the University of Minnesota Senate and Board of Regents, who not only imposed regulations on the public display of student group events and information, but also limited their use of the post office for the circulation of material. Though they argued that prohibited material was limited to that which was “purely propaganda,” the Regents’ decision was the culmination of ongoing disputes with liberal campus groups. Therefore, many saw the new rules as a backlash against student radicalism. Dean of Student Affairs Edward Nicholson constantly advocated for these limitations on student rights to express diverse political attitudes. No one ever defined propaganda. Dean Nicholson appeared to be the person who decided what ideas were or were not propaganda, as the Daily noted.

CreatorMinnesota DailySourceUniversity of Minnesota Archives, "Poster Restriction Rules Announced by Senate Group," Minnesota Daily, January 30, 1936, p. 1, 6.Date30/01/1936RightsImage is available courtesy the University of Minnesota Archives. For additional information about the use or re-use of this image please contact the University of Minnesota Archives at of MinnesotaTime Period1930s