Renee Rappoport Testimony to JCRC on Dental Hygiene

The newly formed Jewish Community Relations Council began taking antisemitism head on in 1937. Sam Scheiner, an attorney and its director, took a deposition from Renee Rappoport, a student enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program after she was told by Ione Jackson, who headed the program, to consider leaving her studies. She informed her that she would never find employment as a Jew. The only way she could have her money refunded was by stating that she could not succeed at her studies, and not that Jews could not find employment. The deposition documents the in great detail.

When Jewish Minnesotans called to express concern the Dental school administrators were furious because they were trying to be “helpful.” Leaders in the Jewish community met to talk about discrimination in employment following the incident.

CreatorSamuel ScheinerSourceMinnesota Historical Society, Jewish Community Relations Council, Box 16, Folder on General Discrimination.Date30/10/1939RightsCourtesy of the Minnesota Historical SocietyCoverageUniversity of MinnesotaTime Period1930s