Tracking Negro and Jewish Students from Out of State

President Coffman requested the University Senate to track data about students in the mid-1930s. He wanted specifically to track “Negro and Jewish out-of-state students.” These students required on-campus housing, and Coffman opposed integrating taxpayer-funded dorms. New York Jews were a subset  of who was tracked because Coffman believed they were the source of radicalism on campus. This document appears in the Chase files because it was sent to him by someone from the University of Minnesota, most likely Dean Edward Nicholson, who had access to the University Senate minutes. No other person in the University administration with access to Senate minutes appears in the voluminous files of Ray Chase. Chase also was interested in tracking students who were from out of state who were Jewish or African American.

CreatorLotus CoffmanSourceRay P. Chase Collection, Box 40, Folder students, October 26, 1936.Date26/10/1936RightsMinnesota Historical SocietyCoverageUniversity of MinnesotaTime Period1930s