V. Mohns, University Administrator Spies on Socialist Club

V. E. Mohns was an administrator at the University. He worked in the office of student housing in this period. In 1942, he was Director of Pioneer Hall, and he oversaw the International House as well. Mohns reported on the integration of the International House that led him to eject its residents and lock the door.

However, based on this report it is clear that he also spied on left-wing student organizations. He mentions only a few names, but focuses on what occurred and was said. It is impossible to know if Vern Mohns sent this directly to Ray Chase or if it was transmitted by people on campus with direct ties to him, such as Dean Nicholson. It is in Ray Chase’s files.

CreatorRay ChaseSourceRay P. Chase Files, Box 44, correspondence and miscellaneous file, January-May, 1941 Date31/01/1941RightsCourtesy of the Minnesota Historical SocietyCoverage1941Time Period1940s